is a non-profit organization that donate all revenues to help stop the drought & famine
in africa. Our goal: If all people used Causearch more than 5 billion USD would be donated each year! That would stop world hunger and leave plenty over to fight poverty and help in environmental crisis. Keep searching and spread the word, every search generates enough revenue for one spoon of food!

How does it work?
This is a normal search site, with the positive difference that all the revenues from the ads will go to a good cause that the users decide. We get a part of the revenue that the search engine.

How much revenue does the search engine generate?
This depends on how often one clicks on an advertisement, and how much the value of that ad-link was. The advertisers on the search site normally choose to pay a couple of cents to a several dollars per click, of that, the search engine passes a part to

Should you click on more links to generate more money?
No, the reason is that the search engines have a fraud algoritm so clicking on more ads that you are not interested in will not generate more revenue. So kindly only click on links you are truly interested in.

What's the difference to similar sites?
There are other sites like GoodSearch and Growyn and Ecosia, the difference is that uses Google and will give all of its profit to the causes. Everyone at donate their time for free, so if you know someone who want to be involved in the movement, just drop us an email.

What's the potential?
We can stop starvation on earth! If all searches are made through our site, 5 billion dollars will be generated annually, this amount to non-profit organizations that the users choose would stop famine and have money left for developing projects like micro loans, malaria, and more. So join the movement using this site and by writing to your friends!